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Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Car

Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Car

Do you know how to wash your car properly? Washing your car should be done properly to avoid damaging the paint. Poor washing of your car can lead to unsightly swirls and scratches that may require extra money to have it fixed.

Choosing the Right Car Cleaner

You may be tempted to use your dish washing detergents to wash your car. But these are designed to clean fat and vegetable fat from fired pots. These are strong products that would not be suitable for your car because they can damage the paint. Go for quality car washing cleaners or shampoos that are pH controlled. The right car cleaner are also incorporated with gloss enhancers and some even contain some water-soluble wax. You don’t have to use excessive shampoo. Use just enough to remove the ionic bond created between the dirt and your vehicle.

The Right Washing Tools

Your car needs a soft material to remove the dirt. You will find sponges, wash mitt, or a wash pad effective for washing your car. Grit is often effective because it is neither hard nor too soft. If you are worried the wash grit is hard, remember there are a variety. You can choose lamb wool, microfiber, synthetic wool, or cotton chenille. Lamb wool is softer than cotton but despite your choice, ensure that it is not rough.

Cleaning the Body

Use a gentle spray on the body of your car. Spray evenly on every part of the car from top to bottom. When the spray is evenly distributed, wet the car and use a sponge or grit to wash each section. After washing one part of the car rinse before moving to the next part. This ensures that the spray does not dry on the paint that could cause damage later on. When you finish with the body, don’t forget the wheels.

Washing Your Wheels

Have you used wheel cleaners? Don’t clean your wheels the way you clean the body of your car. Apply or spray some wheel cleaner on the dry area of the wheel. Spread the wheel cleaner evenly using a cloth or sponge. Ensure that you smooth out any drips and runs to get an even coating. Let the wheel rest for about 3-5 minutes and then use the cloth to clean thoroughly. If some of the parts still have dirt lodge, use a soft brush and clean gently. When all dirt has come off, rinse well with water and dry the wheels. Once the wheels are done, you are ready to dry your car.

Drying Your Car

Drying your car should not be ignored. It helps ensure that the car dries in an even manner. The best way to dry the car is using a 100% cotton cloth or towel to avoid scratching the car. You can also use chamois. But ensure that you choose natural and not synthetic chamois. Whichever your choice, begin from top to bottom just as when you did while cleaning the body. Be gentle when laying the towel on the surface of the car. Also, make sure that the towel or cloth is clean to avoid re-depositing the dirt on your wet car. Washing your car is not complicated. Use these tips to ensure you wash your car the right way and maintain its original shine all the time.


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