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Twingo Immerses Perfectly into Renault’s Design Collections with its EDC automated gearbox

Twingo Immerses Perfectly into Renault’s Design Collections with its EDC automated gearbox

The new design of the Twingo marks a fresh chapter of Renaults story going to many years back.  The recently unveiled car gives car owners the opportunity to re-experience the richness of Groupe Renault’s legacy. With a complete external development and an internal revolution, it evokes the treasures in the thousands of sketches and drawings in the company’s inventories. Of course, the French take on this model has a mid-cycle revival to stay competitive in the auto market. It looks cute as the buttons are, the small hatchback looks like its predecessor. However, the magical spirit lies in the parts of this city made even for starter drivers.

Sleek Exterior

The completely redesigned Renault takes a pronounced shape that makes it look chic and updated. The introduced style is evident on its lighting signature with LED headlamp clusters that run during the day. The light technology is unique to this small city vehicle as the drivers can quickly turn. Its rear bumper also received an upgrade using the added decorative trims while the front one reveals a chick design on the big painted surface.  

The integrated graphics on the front grille particularly on the side air inlets make Twingo look full of space. The team as well fiddled its top-trim level by providing a chrome-surface to make the car distinguishing. As the changes continue, you can notice the “C” light style on the taillights as the tailgate embraces an easy-to-operate handle placed below the back wiper. Interestingly, the ride height got slightly lowered to minimize the drag factor and thus increase fuel efficiency.

EDC automated gearbox

For the very first time, Twingo comes loaded with an EDC automatic gearbox. The feature is intended to relieve drivers from the tedious task of changing gears when caught in traffic. Indeed, innovation makes life stress-free since you spend many hours in the car as Renault purposed. Urban driving includes several times of uninterrupted speeding up, decelerating and shifting gears. And the New Twingo suits this type of city environment laving you with pleasant road moments.

Dynamic Interior

One distinguishing feature of Twingo steps within the pintsized cabin. The recent version in Renaults range has an update of a 7-inch display with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Its new seat upholstery makes the vehicle agile and fun to ride in even in long rips. The white finish thrown on the dashboard spices up things as it adds to the topstitching used on its door’ armrests. For the coffee lover, you will find the center console entirely reconfigured to allow an adjustable upright holding even for your smartphone’s position. Also, the car comes with one jack plug and double USB ports.


The hatchback has a selection of two petrol engines with each having three cylinders. The logically pronounced 1.0-liter is created entirely to its five-speed manual transmission. The system can produce either 65 or 75 hp, and also push 95 Nm of torque. Alternatively, the turbocharged unit is 0.9-liter and provides 93 hp, and 135 Nm to the cars rear axle.

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