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What Could Cause a Steering Wheel to Lockup?

What Could Cause a Steering Wheel to Lockup?

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Most people are scared of losing control of the car. It is likely to result in horrific consequences that most people would want to avoid. A steering wheel can lockup while the car is immobile or while you are driving. While the steering wheel is one of the auto parts that many people assume it would never cause problems, it sometimes does. Though it is a rare occurrence, you want to know you should know what can cause the problem and address the signs before it happens.

What is a Locked Up Steering?

The steering wheel is designed to lock up under certain circumstances. It is part of the vehicle’s safety mechanism to prevent the car from moving if the ignition is not started. When you insert the key and start the ignition, it inlocks the steering wheel. If for any reason the ignition system fails, the steering wheel could also lockup. However, there are situations where the ignition system is okay but the steering wheel locks up. This is a sign that you need to have a professional mechanic or auto spares parts technician evaluate the car as soon as possible.

Below are reasons the steering where can lock up:

Faulty Power Steering Pump

Most modern cars have the power steering pump that makes turning the steering wheel easy. The pump is made up of valves and linkages that can jam when something like debris is wedged inside it. The problem can even occur while the car is in motion and so it’s important to regularly have the car checked by a genuine mechanic. If the steering wheel jams, auto spares parts technicians or mechanics examine the pump and eliminate the debris to prevent the jamming.

Lock Pin

A driver can encounter a situation where the car can be driven but the driver lacks control of the steering. Such a problem can occur if the lock pin in the steering wheel mechanism fails to withdraw completely. This problem occurs when the pin and the lock plate come into contact. If you have a genuine auto spare parts dealer, the problem can be resolved without replacing the entire ignition system.

Locking Up of the Car Ignition

Your car ignition can malfunction and lockup. If the engine can’t come on or off, the steering wheel can also lockup. Professionals refers to this condition as “sudden lock up.” It is caused by fatigue failure of the ignition system and this is dangerous because it can occur even when driving in high speed. Get your car to a mechanic or a genuine spares parts technician in case you realize even minute problems with the ignition. You may find that the entire key assembly is worn out and requires replacement.

What You Should Do in Case of a Locking Steering wheel

  • Contact your mechanic to do proper tests.
  • Have the power steering pump replaced.
  • Get the car’s steering wheel column cleaned.
  • Have a genuine auto parts technician replace the ignition switch system.
  • Ensure your car is having routine maintenance, as well as fixes.
  • A mechanic should use the steering wheel lubricant oil on your car.

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