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What is Basic Tire Maintenance and How Does it Work

What is Basic Tire Maintenance and How Does it Work

When your car tires are in good condition, you enjoy your driving. Ensuring tires are in good condition enhances how you handle your car, improves stability, as well as maximizing the safety of your vehicle. Poorly maintained tires can result in blown tires and this can ruin your day. Using these basic tire maintenance tips can ensure better control and performance of your vehicle.

How’s Your Tire Pressure

Air pressure is essential for your tires just as engine oil is for better performance of the engine. Driving under low pressure causes internal damage to the tire. Sadly, this becomes noticeable when the tire is completely damage. While driving, your tire often loses 1-2 psi every month. If you ignore putting pressure in your tire, the tires cannot adequately support the weight of your car and its occupants. You should not be surprised when blowouts occur and you may lose the control of your car or even get into an accident.

What About Your Tread Depth

When the tire is inflated properly, it lowers the risk of uneven tire wear. At some point, the tire treads ends up wearing down. But to prevent such damage, always ensure that you inflate your tires with the right quantity for each tire. Check if your tire tread is completely gone. If this is the case, it’s time to reach out to your auto spares dealer and get new tires.

Have You Done Rotation of Your Tires

Tire rotation improves the performance of your tires and helps them last longer. Front-wheel-drive is the most common way of steering a car. This often causes the steer tires to wear out faster than the rear tires. Periodic rotation of the front tires to the back and vice versa helps increase a car’s mileage, as well as performance. If you do not rotate your tires often, you end up with front tires that are worn out and the rear tires develop uneven tread wear pattern that can lead to tire vibrations. It is recommended to rotate tires every 5-7,000 miles.

Always Check Wheel Balancing

Always take your car to your auto parts dealer or mechanic when it is due for wheel balancing. Car tires may lose their balance with time. Wheel balancing is done by placing small weights around the tires to create tire balance. When tires are balanced, it reduces uneven tire wear while also eliminating tire vibration. If you have recently put new tires on your vehicle, ensure that wheel balancing is also done. It is often recommended to perform wheel balancing every 6,000 miles.  

Do a Visual Inspection

It is important to conduct a visual inspection regularly. You may have been driving and hit potholes or drive through roads with debris. These conditions can cause bulges or cuts among other visible damage to the tires. Regular visual inspection can help you determine if you need to take your car to deal with any tire damage.

Finally, always use a professional to inspect your car tires. If you need to change or replace your tires, Auto Plus Dubai offers genuine auto parts. The company has years of experience dealing with genuine OEM spare parts and you can be sure you will get high quality tires for your specific car.