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What is EBD and How it works?

What is EBD and How it works?

EBD is an abbreviation for Electronic Brake-force Distribution system. Today, most of the vehicles on road comes with ABS and EBD system integrated in them.

We have a separate article dedicated on what ABS is and how it works on our blog post page. You just have to search for it.

In this article we will focus on what is EBD and how it helps in making our vehicles more safe and sound. To understand EBD we have to understand how barking works in vehicle which is not EBD enabled.

What is EBD?

In a vehicle which does not have EBD, while braking will exert full and equal force on each wheel of the vehicle irrespective of the weight being put on any particular wheel of the vehicle.

In this scenario the wheels may skid and steering becomes very difficult, which results in the loss of control over the vehicle.

To overcome this scenario we have EBD enabled vehicles on road. Electronic Brake-force Distribution System exerts distributed force on every wheel of the vehicle depending upon the weight and pressure being exerted on it.

To have a better understanding of EBD first let’s get a hold on a little science. The more the weight the more force you need to exert to stop any moving vehicle and vice versa. That’s it!

This is all the science you need to know for this. EBD has 3 main components in its system. Speed and weight sensors. Electronic control unit and brake force modulators. The sensors on each individual wheel senses the weight on each wheel and the speed of the wheel.

How EBD works?

Speed of the vehicle is scrutinized and the difference between RPM of the engine and the rotation of the wheel is examined.  This is done so because sometimes the speed of the vehicle might not be same as speed of wheel (speed not rotation of the wheel).

This situation may express that the wheel is skidding. So it is important to read these different speeds and signals. The data (weight on each wheel and speed of vehicle, RPM, rotation and speed of wheel) is then sent to the electronic control unit, which is nothing but a small one inch chip which calculates and performs different mathematical operation on the signal and decides, what amount of brake force is to be applied to every individual wheel of the vehicle.

In correspondence to this data works the brake force modulator which controls the pressure on brake discs and controls the speed of each individual wheel.

Why we need EBD?

Now a question comes up in our mind why do we need to apply different brake forces of different wheels of the vehicle. Remember the science concept I told you about. When a car is empty (only equipped by driver) the weight on front wheels (wheel taking weight of the engine) is primarily more than the rear wheel so according to our science concept the front wheels needs more brake force than rear wheel.

And when the car is fully loaded the weight on rear wheels increases and need brake force accordingly, EBD system performs all of these operation in Nano milliseconds to keep you safe and sound on road.

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