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What is Mercedes Distronic Plus?

What is Mercedes Distronic Plus?

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Mercedes Distronic Plus is a type of adaptive cruise control system developed by engineers at Mercedes Benz. First let’s get an idea of what adaptive cruise control is and how it works? Adaptive cruise control is a system which automatically controls and manages the speed of vehicles.

It is a safety feature in luxury cars and is considered to be as an important system for future intelligent cars and self-driving vehicle. Adaptive cruise control maintains a safe distance between cars.

It controls and manages the speed of the vehicle while maintaining a safe distance from car in front and side as well at the same time. The driver just has to put in the speed limit, and destination in the satellite navigation system available in the vehicle.

Being put on the system works automatically and commutes the vehicle safely on the road to the destination while maintaining the set speed limit and safe distance between the cars at the same time.

It works with the help of a sophisticated arrangement of computer chips, sensors radars and cameras. Sensors and radars are used to measure the real time position of the car and of the objects around the surroundings of the car.

Sensors, radars and cameras together provide input to the computer, the signal provided by the different components is in the form of electrical quantity and computer chips performs mathematical calculations on the electrical signals coming in from the radars and sensors.

It then decides the safe distance from the vehicles in front of the vehicle and from the side ways and maintains it while cruising at the set speed in the adaptive cruise control system by the user.

The system will put brakes automatically in the safe distance is compromised by any number of situations. Be it the vehicle in front speeding down, be it any other vehicle coming too close or there can be any number of reasons but the system works in real time and processes data and takes actions in nanoseconds.

Adaptive cruise control also looks for lane changing and lane centering. The function of the cameras is to read the objects and the road ahead of the vehicle.


However there are some limitations to this systems such as it cannot perform overtaking vehicles and you have to touch the steering wheel after short intervals to let the system know that the driver isn’t inactive, otherwise the car will come to a complete halt. 

It may also not work efficiently in different weather conditions like heavy rain or fog. Dirt covering the sensors or sensors malfunctioning can lead to inefficient commuting and that is why the driver has to be vigilant all the time.

The adaptive cruise control does not self-drive the vehicle but provides some help and assistance to the driver. Mitsubishi was the car manufacturer to bring in the first stage of cruise controlling system by the name distance warning and was soon adopted and improved by almost every luxury car manufacturer in the world.

Mercedes Distronic Plus is one of the best adaptive cruise control system in its class which also comes with collision control and prevention system as standard in S-class.

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