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What to Look for When You’re Having Trouble with Your Car’s Water Pump

What to Look for When You’re Having Trouble with Your Car’s Water Pump

A car’s water pump is critical in ensuring effective cooling of the engine. The water pump is responsible for transporting the coolant into the entire cooling circuit and also regulates the rate at which the coolant flows. If you notice that your car is overheating, you may be in need of new auto spare parts.

What are the Signs that the Water Pump is Faulty?

If you notice the signs discussed below, find your auto spares parts dealer to help diagnose the problem and if required, replace the pump.

Leakage in the Weep Hole

The water pump is designed with a weep hole to make sure any extra lubricant from the pumping system is released from the housing system of the water pump. The weep hole also ensures that coolant escapes the pump system rather than entering the oil seals causing contamination of the bearings. If you check your weep hole and notice water or anti-freeze around, the internal water pump could be damaged. In case you find a bit of moisture or oil around your weep hole do not be alarmed. But substantial leakage of water or oil means you need to call a genuine parts dealer to get a new water pump.

The Mounting Surface Could be Leaking

A slow leak can lead to buildup of gunk around the pump. Slow leakage overtime causes drips or large bleed marks caused by the coolant around or near the mounting surface. You may also notice excessive rust around the surface of the pump. While this is not an immediate problem, it could easily lead to low-coolant that allows the lubricant that protects the parts within the pump to escape. Your mechanic can help in cleaning the rims and parts near the mounting surface and also apply new sealant that protects the pump. This is only possible if the problem was caused by improper installation of the water pump. If this is not the case, you will need a genuine auto spares dealer to help you with a new water pump.

Build-up of Deposit

There are times you may notice deposits, muck, and scale having accumulated on the inside that cause blockage in the water pump. This can be diagnosed by a competent mechanic if you are not familiar with the workings of the water pump. If this is the problem, a genuine auto spares shops can help you find a new pump because this one needs replacement. The cooling system needs to be flushed thoroughly before a new pump can be installed using the coolant recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

How to Find a New Pump

When you realize your water pump is damaged and needs replacement, ensure that you find genuine spare parts dealer to avoid further damage. Auto Plus Dubai has been dealing with genuine OEM auto parts for more than 15 years. Auto Plus sells its genuine auto parts directly to the consumers and this eliminates middlemen. You can be assured that you will find the water pump recommended by your car’s manufacturer at an affordable price. You might be surprised that many dealers purport to sell genuine spare parts but they end up being counterfeit. If you want guaranteed quality, reach out to Auto Plus Dubai.