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Why Your Car’s AC Compressor Could Be Failing

Why Your Car’s AC Compressor Could Be Failing

You may have noticed that your air conditioner has stopped working or is not working properly. The problem could be minor such as a lose wire. But if it is your AC compressor that fails, there is a high risk that it can cause a breakdown of your air conditioning system. The compressor is an essential but expensive component of the AC unit. You may need to visit your mechanic and sometimes a genuine spare parts dealer to get the problem fixed. All the same, you need to be aware of the some of the problems that could cause the AC compressor to fail.

Dirty Coils

As you continue using your car, dirt, grime, and mineral scales can cause blockage in the condenser oil. The blockage makes it difficult for the air conditioner to eject sufficient heat from the system. When this occurs, your system will keep running trying to cool. The increased pressure on the AC causes the compressor to overheat causing damage. In the worst case scenario, the compressor may get too damaged that you may need to get to your auto spares dealer to get it replaced.

Blockage in the Suction Lines

It is possible for dirt and debris to cause blockage or damage to the refrigerant lines. You will notice this problem if the AC is not cooling effectively. When this problem is not fixed, any increase in pressure and temperature leads to the overheating. Your mechanic will help identify the blockage and clean it out before the damage causes the compressor to stop working.

Damaged Suction Line

Your refrigerant may have a leak causing low pressure in your AC. A leak in the refrigerant need to be replaced by an experienced an AC technician. Since you will need a replacement, ensure that visit a genuine auto spares shop to get the right parts. A poor replacement could end up costing you more money to replace the entire compressor. There have been cases where an inexperienced mechanic adds excess refrigerant or sometimes the wrong type. Such mistakes cause severe damage to the compressor that it need to be replaced in entirety.  

Check for Electrical Problems

Most problems in the AC compressor are caused by electrical problems. Electrical problems cause buildup of acids in the compressor. A qualified technician should check your car if your compressor stops working. Electrical problems cause burnout in the wiring connecting to the AC compressor. The technician should repair the damaged wiring, contractors, as well as fuses in the AC. These electrical systems need to be replaced in a genuine auto spares shop to avoid poor quality electrical gadgets that can further damage the AC.

Facing a Dead HVAC Compressor

If these repairs fail to fix the AC compressor, you need to change these auto parts. If the compressor is dead, it needs replacement to start working again. Otherwise, you may need to have the whole air conditioning system replaced.

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